Nathaniel J. Paine


We realize that your 4-year graduation from IMI, was in November and that is why we would like to recognize you for all your diligent work.

A requirement for your graduation was to write a well researched paper. Your focus was on the “Criminal Mindset”. It was amazing what God taught you through this process. God still is in the business of blessing young people who diligently seek Him with incredible insights.

Nathaniel, we are so proud of your commitment these last 4 years. We realize that these studies have prepared you for where God has you now…(In the Florida Prisons). We trust that God will continue to bless you with His wisdom, guide you with His direction and keep you in His care.

Even though you are so far away, we will be vigilant, keeping you in our prayers and our hearts. We know God will not only teach you, but also use you in mighty ways for His glory. Thank you for giving your life to Him and your willingness to go anywhere He sends you.

Our congratulations to you! We love you!


We also want to especially thank two men that have
mentored Nathaniel. Dr. Michael Davis and
Chaplain Robert Holyfield.

*Thank you Alyssa Nickels for beautifully handcrafting Nate’s graduation gift, a mini “ two-edged sword” (a dagger). It will always remind him to use God’s word carefully for His glory.

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These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

~John 15:11~

IMG_20141223_144304I remember sitting in one of the few Sunday School classrooms that I attended as a child and hearing the true meaning of Joy. My teacher said Joy is J-Jesus, O-others, and Y-you. She said that if you get them out of order, you will not have Joy! Although that seems so simple, it has proved true in my life over the past several decades. If I lose sight of the pre-eminence of Jesus the Christ, service in love to others and lastly self, I miss the joy in any given day.

I am humbled and overwhelmed with the greatest gift I have ever received…my Creator, God, coming to Earth in it’s fallen state, enveloped in flesh to live among men who rejected and mocked Him. Finally, dying in my place that I might live each day walking in true Joy!

May the Joy of this Christmas season fill your hearts and lives!

Merry Christmas!

~The Paine Family

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his

courts with praise; be thankful unto him, and bless

his name. For the Lord is good; his mercy is

everlasting; and his truth endureth to all

generations. ~Psalm 100:4-5










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Birthdays, weddings….All part of life…I apologize for the delay in posting about the highlights of our family. 


    Josiah turned 16 this year (July 8, 1998)…It is hard to believe that a small baby grows to stand a head taller than you in such a short time…When I have a heavy load…I can count on Joe to be the man! Happy Birthday Joe!!



IMG_0019                                                           Abby  turned 20 (July 19, 1994) ohhh…no more a teenager…Abby is a joyful, beautiful young lady with a heart for children…she committed to another year with “In The Gap” in OKC, teaching children character in the public schools and Bible Clubs after school. We are praying for you Abby and so blessed to know that you are demonstrating the love of Christ to so many little ones. Happy Birthday Dear!




     Johnny turned 12 (August 5, 2002)…His birthday consisted of a monkey/western/most wanted theme…lol…He has really been an helper around the property, offering to help with jobs.  Happy Birthday John Michael !!



                Nate…(August 15, 1990) Happy Birthday! We didn’t get to spend your 24th birthday with you…But you were in our prayers… at least there is cell phones and texting! Nate will be back in prison next week for another “Journey to the Heart”. And return to finish his last semester at IMI…go Nate!!!…We love you!   cHu14Hpi4JF6amwxIC1nYh6xie-9HpDBQnkMLwYE-0g[1]


                                     Danny turned 15 (September 3, 1999)…my my… He loves to fly and   continues to take lessons as he earns the money… God has been challenging him in areas of his life as he seeks what the Lord would have for him in the years ahead.…Happy Birthday my Dan man! xxoo





Psalm 127… children are truly a blessing…I know that the thought that “children are a burden” mentality has infiltrated modern thinking……It is simply false….Raising them isn’t necessarily easy….perhaps that is the explanation for this trend.  However, I would not trade one of them for anything.  As they grow and leave home, birthdays become extra special…Yes Lord, teach me to number my days, that I might apply my heart to Your wisdom…Amen 

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Welcome to the family Dakota!













“Whoso findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22

  Thomas Hugh found “…a good thing” namely, Dakota Whitney Young on September 20, 2014. We want to say “welcome” dear Dakota! We are so excited about having a new addition to our family! We have been so blessed. Thomas and Dakota will be living in Missouri. We want to thank everyone who made the effort to attend the wedding. We saw so many loved ones, family and friends that celebrated this special day with us. God bless you , Thomas and Dakota, as you glorify and honor God with your lives together!




 ~A big Thank You to Libby Zellon for allowing us to use some of her pictures!

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“A Price”

The song “Freedom Sure Ain’t Free” by Lawson Bates reminds us that there is “a price” It may not be a song. It could be a monument, a plaque, a flag or uniform that brings “a price” to remembrance. The Paine Family would like to recognize the ones that we have been privileged to know that have paid “a price”  (time, commitment, sacrifice, life etc.) for all that we enjoy in this great America. The following is a small list of those who deserve  honor:

Thomas H. Barnhill (great-grandfather, deceased)

Richard C. Barnhill (grandfather, deceased)

D.J Cassidy

Enoch Cox

Bill Colvin

Steve Ferchau

Aaron Girton

George Gregson

Chef Harold Gross

Dr. David Hardy

Chase Howerton

Andrew Lewis

Benjamin McJunkin

Robert McJunkin

Patrick Ritchie

Andrew Rodgers

Ethan Rodgers

Michael Scott

Billey Thomas

Dale Toedt

Elton Walker

We would like to personally thank each of the above mentioned (and many others) for “ the price” that they have paid for us to enjoy the American Freedoms that we have.

The 4th of July also makes us think of the true freedom from the bondage of sin bought with “a high price” of Christ’s own blood on Calvary. What a blessing to live this life in freedom from that weight and to know that we have an eternal kingdom.

Well…keeping in the 4th of July tradition, we did obtain a few “rockets red glare” and some “bombs bursting in air” =) and of course, hot dogs, ice cold watermelon, pudgy pies ( not apple…only cherry…in honor of George Washington =) ) and not baseball, but soccer/volleyball ( our two well loved family sports)

We thank God for the American values that this country was founded on. We realize that as a nation, we may have to pay “ a price” to maintain these Biblical values so that America may continue to stand….

“ ….stands one nation, under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

































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On the Ground or In the Air…


Daniel continues to take leaps and bounds growing in many different areas of his life. Whether it’s in studying for school, acquiring more responsibility in work projects on the property, in church activities, in growth physically as well as spiritually, it is awesome to see God doing a special work in Danny’s life conforming him more and more to the image of Jesus Christ.

For this year, Danny has taken on yet another opportunity that is unmatched to anything else that he has ever experienced: FLIGHT LESSONS! The Stillwater Oklahoma Airport offers aviation training equipping a wide variety of ages in safe and effective flying. Daniel has been progressing rapidly in his flight lessons and is slowly but surely working towards his pilot’s license.

He has been enjoying this experience immensely and only looks forward to how God will use it for His glory in the future! Danny’s diligence and patience is being paid off as he learns more and more about the character and likeness of God in all facets of life. His waiting upon the Lord has not gone unnoticed as He looks to the only One who carries him through tests and trials of life.

“Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

~ Isaiah 40:28-31~


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A Letter to Dad…

Have you ever stopped to consider the significance of a LETTER…?

…few people ever have and it has cost them everything.

People have given their lives over a letter. Blood and tears have both been shed proving a letter’s worth. The power of a nation waging war against another has been brought to a complete halt by a simple letter. Letters have decreed both the life and death of countless individuals.

Why is the letter so important? Where did its significance arise from and why would one ever dare to give their life for its deliverance and authenticity?

I believe the answer to this mysterious question is profound and should NOT be taken lightly. The significance of the letter is not so much the letter itself, nor the words which are contained in it…… but the value of the letter lies with the author of the letter.

The greatest letter written of all times is the Letter which so many of us possess but so few read or have read. Countless thousands have given their lives for this Letter and many tortured being persecuted on behalf of the name of the One who wrote it. As one studies the Letter closely, they will quickly come to find it was not merely written to a mass of people located on some planet, but instead each Word was penned specifically for every individual who reads it.

The Letter is the Word of God and His Son is the One who has given His life to deliver it. All those who receive it can obtain eternal Life IN Christ Jesus. Each page unfolds more and more of the character of the One who wrote it and reveals the mystery of its message to mankind. Its Words possess the key to inheriting an eternal treasure which no man can take away…peace with God through a personal relationship in Jesus Christ.

So the next time you receive a letter, stop and think of the significance of THE LETTER…God’s Letter to you; His written Word!


A Letter to Dad


            You are not my father, yet you are the very best father that I have ever known. You have been the protector –providing a roof over your children’s heads and clothes for physical protection. You have the ability to say “no” to protect them from emotional harm or unwise choices.

            You have been a provider for them… all their needs physically are met by your diligent, hard-working example. You provide a safe environment for your children to talk to you with a listening heart.

           You are the spiritual leader who not only leads our family in a time before the Lord but leads by example. Many mornings I have heard you on your knees in prayer before the Lord, memorizing His Word and often humming a tune from a hymn. You pray a blessing on your children. You humbly admit when you are wrong. You are a father that exemplifies Christ to them.

        Thank you,

                           Love Always Tammy

Dear Dad,

                You have showed us what a life redeemed by the blood of the Lamb looks like. Thank you for being a channel of God’s Truth and mercy to your far-from-perfect children.

              I Love You!


Dearest Dad, Happy Father’s Day!

               You mean so much to me and our family and so many others. You have challenged me to be the person that I was meant to be. You are my spiritual hero and role model…I admire you greatly because I have seen you sacrifice many things in order to fulfill God’s bidding. Your integrity and stand for principles and Godly living have inspired me and given me courage to stand for truth. Thank you Dad for your demonstration of true love…Happy Father’s Day, Dad!…I Love You!

                  ~ From Chad

Dear Dad Paine,

             Thank you for not just being the wonderful, loving, kind, generous and sweetest father-‘n-law, but thank you for raising the most amazing son in the whole world. We admire you more than words could ever express and there is nothing we enjoy more than spending time with you; you are inspiring! May God pour His richest blessings on you! We love you to the moon and back a billion times!

                                Love, Your Favorite daughter-‘n-law (for now) 😉

                                                                                                                ~ From Erin

         One thing that has always stood out to me about Dad is his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. He always taught us that obedience is better than sacrifice; he lived this out even when it didn’t make sense. Thanks Dad for letting your actions speak louder than your words.


               ~ Thomas Hugh

Dear Dad,

                 Only God knows the eternal impact that you have personally made on my life. You are a man that seeks after God and it is evident not only in your words but also undeniably through your actions. Your commitment to serve our family and others is a proof to the life of Christ living in and through you. Your dedication to the Word and prayer testifies that your treasure truly is in Heaven.

               Thank you for allowing Jesus Christ to flow out of you and impact the lives of thousands around the world. May God richly bless you this year with HIS wisdom and understanding as you seek Him first in all you do!

                                                                                   Love Your Son,


                                Isa. 61:1-3

Dear Dad,

              I want to thank God for allowing me to have a Dad like you! Your devotion and love for the Lord is a constant inspiration to me! I pray the Lord will bless you, enlarging your effectiveness for Him. Also, that His hand would be with you always and that He would keep you from evil (1 Chron. 4:9-10). I love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day!

                           Love Always,



          I love to sit back and watch you interact with others. No matter who they are, a complete stranger, family or friend, you are genuinely interested in their spiritual wellbeing. You truly have followed Christ command in letting the Light of Christ shine through you.

                I Love You,



          I am so blessed to have a father that is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I have seen you obey the Lord even when it didn’t make sense and when it seemed like a big mistake to others. Though, the outcome of obeying the Lord’s promptings in your life has brought about incredible blessings that only could have come from following Christ. Your childlike trust in the Lord has been an example to me personally and many others. I am so grateful to have you as my Father.

                       I Love You,


Dear Dad,

            You have been a good example of Christ to me and others as well as a spiritual leader in the home. I am thankful for you!

                                                          Love Your Son,


Dear Dad,

           Thank you for showing me my weaknesses and being an example to me. 

                                Happy Father’s Day, Love Daniel


          Thank you for being a spiritual help in my life. I Red heart  U very much.




Cleaning Dad’s Car for Father’s Day…



Father’s Day Celebrations…


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