An Evening with the Bates

This past Saturday evening is a great memory for the Paine Family. The Bate’s family had come to Chicago to attend the IBLP Valentines Banquet and we had the privilege of having them over for dinner before they left for Tennessee.


Though our times was very short, we enjoyed it immensely with a energetic game of catch phrase. Tennessee is looking like a great place to visit. =)

4 thoughts on “An Evening with the Bates”

  1. Aleita Kowalchuk says:

    Looks like fun!!!

  2. Bates Family says:

    We made some AMAZING memories with the Paine family…”exciting”would simply be an understatement 🙂 We were tremendously encouraged by your Godly testimonies…thank you for letting God’s love shine through your family!!!

  3. Chad says:

    Praise the Lord. =)

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